Blinds | Mosquito mesh


• A system to meet all the requirements of modern home blinds
• Excellent thermal insulation: USB = 0.76 W / (m ² K), temperature factor: fRsi = 0.70
• We offer products in three heights: 175, 210 and 235 mm height
• It can be opened from the back or through the access panel
• Extra security in your home is thanks to the reinforced and extruded “anti-rollup” security system
• Innovative elements that increase the degree of insulation
• Steel fasteners
• Free sliding of the shutter (blender)
• It can also be supplemented with protection against insects (mosquitoes).
• Ideal (perfect) complement for all window systems.
• Also suitable for window combinations of all other major manufacturers

Mosquito mesh

Insect protection nets are placed in the form of nets on the doors and windows of your homes. This enables the unimpeded entry and circulation of air and at the same time prevents the entry of insects. Can be mounted on all types of PVC, and aluminum and wood products. After the installation of the Protection Networks, the windows or doors can function unhindered, respectively they can open and close without any obstacles. The dark frame is made of aluminum, while the mesh of glass fibers (voal-mesh), respectively “fiberglass”. Fiberglass has great resistance to external influences that also increases long-term durability. These nets provide one hundred percent efficiency in preventing the penetration of insects, enable excellent views, do not reduce the amount of light in the room.

We produce more types of insect protection nets depending on the requirements of network users:

•  Fixed mesh
• Rollers (which are folded and released by roller-like mechanisms)
•  Opening mesh (in the form of a door with an aluminum frame)
•  Sliding mesh (with special rails and wheels on which it moves)

Get rid of annoying and annoying insects in your homes, business premises, warehouses, warehouses, etc.