Our company is dedicated to professionally, qualitatively and efficiently implement all processes during the production and assembly of plastic windows and doors, from aluminum, and glass assembly. Our goal and purpose is to satisfy the needs of customers. At all times, we prepare offers that suit your needs. We are ready to cooperate with businesses, clients and private partners, as evidenced by our rich resume.


Our beginnings ...

After a long experience in Switzerland, Hil-Kom continued to develop its business in its homeland with the opening of a gas station in the village of Jazhince in 1994, where it achieved a favorable success, then found it reasonable to open a restaurant within the same company in 1995.


Four years later in 1999 this company entered the market with the factory for the production of PVC doors and windows.

The processing of all production material in our company (HIL-KOM) is performed according to customer requirements.

HIL-KOM guarantees the maximum reliability of the services and products offered.

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