Doors are resistant to radiation, have advanced insulation against temperature and sound…


Dritare moderne, prezentojnë një kualitet të dëshmuar dhe të mirënjohur…


The blinds are produced from the highest quality materials and according to the highest standards ...


Uniform exterior view, temperature and sound insulation, safe, and high quality panel ...

Who we are. What do we do

Our company is dedicated to professionally, qualitatively and efficiently implement all processes during the production and assembly of plastic windows and doors, from aluminum, and glass assembly. Our goal and purpose is to satisfy the needs of customers.

5 reasons why we should choose

Our products are special product made of polyrethane panels able to work for a long time without any problems. For this, HIL-KOM uses only the best certified materials.

Long life products
Each of our products is designed to meet all your needs. High quality of operation, wide range of colors, wide range of models are just some of the reasons why you should choose from us.

Excellent design
One of the issues that worries the buyer of a door, window is always its safety. HIL-KOM takes care of the door, the window made of galvanized steel that made it safe and keeps away uninvited visitors.

Our panels allow minimal heat loss in the outdoor environment and as a result maximum energy saving. Helps keep the building warm in winter and cool in summer.

Temperature insulation
Taking into account the number of staff, long experience in the market and the location of production, HIL-KOM ensures that by taking action based on customer requirements the order can be placed at the most optimal time.
Fast delivery

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