Garage doors

Technical description

  • The panel is of the so-called “sendvich panel” type. The thickness of the Panel is 42mm. The panel filling density is with ISO standard. Panel weight 12.4 kg per m / 2. Wrapping the panel on both sides with 0.5mm metal.
  • The color of the panel (powder quoted) is baked at a temperature of 200 degrees, with a thickness of 85 microns, 4 times more resistant than other panels on the market.
  • The door mechanism is galvanized. The door is also equipped with additional security that in case of non-maintenance e.g. several years even in case of breakage of any cable (sill) the door stops in its fuse to a maximum of 3cm, which avoids damage to the door or other objects.
  • The panel is thermally insulating against cold heat and noise.
    Wind resistance according to standard EN 12424 Class 4 (133 km / h).
  • Sound insulation according to standard EN 717-1 R = 26dB
  • Thermal insulation according to standard EN12428 UD = 1.95 Ë / (m²K)
  • The door is equipped with certificates of European manufacturers where quality is guaranteed. Warranty on the panel 10 years and warranty on the engine and accessories 5 years.
  • Zinc FlexiForce (FF) mechanism.w