We have not developed a system with the best thermal insulation properties simply by chance; rather, it is the result of targeted development work. And our success is proof of that. Numerous calculations have generated excellent values for thermal insulation. From the beginning, our development goal was to achieve a thermal insulation value of UF - 0.92 W / m² K in combination with steel standard and thus make our system suitable for passive homes. The basis of all success are the new details used in the design of the system

The S 9000 system has an intelligent three-level climbing concept integrated. Thanks to an overlap height of 25 mm, a high glass square provides improved thermal insulation.

6-room profile integrated in the window frame and window profile A steel mold in the window frame and profile Levels of 3 integrated climbs High glass frames thanks to an overlap height of 26 mm


  • Confirmed suitability for passive ift homes
  • Frame size is up to 2.40 m with STV ® and standard reinforcement
  • With anti-theft protection, RC 2
  • For new construction and renovation
  • Tested according to the latest RAL-GZ 716 standards
  • Integrated into S9000 system platform, S 9000 available with stop and central adhesive

Profiles by GEALAN

Bonding technology developed by GEALAN - STV ® (dry static glazing) - includes bonding glass and profiles with an additional adhesive tape designed for window construction while maintaining the usual adjustment of the glass block. Adhering upwards with the profile, the hardening of the glass panel is transferred to the profile and the whole system becomes more stable in itself. Standard elements can therefore be manufactured entirely without steel. In particular windows with large window elements can be manufactured by combining STV ® with steel in the profiles.
Improved structural analysis
Thanks to the construction depth of 82.5 mm, even for the market launched a wide range of necessary accessory products, such as frame extensions, 90 ° corner solutions, variable corner connectors, structural connectors and lower connection profiles.

S 9000
Wide range of accessories
For all those who consider that a natural look is important, but do not want to do without the benefits of modern technology, there are plastic windows that display a decorative wooden finish. This way, you are making the right choice. Whether it is for the renovation of a half-timbered house or a new home - GEALAN decorative wooden windows win in both cases in terms of aesthetics and functionality. Decorative windows embody all the positive properties of modern plastic windows and at the same time, have the decorative effect of wood.
Numerous types of decors
Decorative wooden effects.
  • Excellent thermal insulation contributes to improving energy efficiency.
  • A high level of comfort growing quality living.
  • Usability tests provide assurance of stable operation of the window.
  • Investments in windows suitable for passive homes pay for themselves within a short period of time thanks to their energy saving potential.

Suitable for passive houses